We all need support

Our 4 year old came into our bed again last night. She said she had a bad dream - just like she said the night before. The thing is I’m not sure whether she is having a bad dream or just some emotions she doesn’t know how to share. She is also stomping her foot a lot and can be quite grumpy. Is this just her being 4 or is there something more?

It’s difficult to say. All I can do is support her, cuddle her, give her space to try and express her feelings. Because as adults sometimes we get grumpy and have difficulty expressing our feelings. Why should it be any easier when for someone so young?

Having a safe space to explore emotions is essential when growing up, and as an adult. Especially in these uncertain times. While some of the day to day routine is the same, the people we are surrounded with, where we are allowed to go and with whom is a moving target at the moment. Do you have a safe space to explore your emotions? I encourage you to consider this. And consider whether you need support - it's not easy to do on your own. Engaging with a professional counsellor or psychologist can make the world of difference.

As for my daughter? We continue to engage and endeavour to provide a safe space for her. Don’t get me wrong, we are no push over parents, but also understand there is so much going on that she doesn't have a full grasp of. And video chats with friends and family is just not the same as seeing them in person.

We also make sure her diet supports her immune and nervous systems - good dosings of fresh vegetables, some fruit and a little meat. Staying away from sugary and processed foods, and drinking plenty of filtered water. This keeps her body and mind nourished and gives here the nutrients she needs to feel her best.

The information given here is general in nature. For information and support specifically tailored to your needs, book an appointment today