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Naturopathy, Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine, Post-natal Doula

Naturopathic Consultations

Our face-to-face consultation processes, in your home or online, means we can get to know each other and form a trusting, professional relationship. Naturopathy supports your own body to function in the way it was meant to, supporting your innate ability to heal.

There are 4 key areas of naturopathic support: what you eat (diet), how you live (lifestyle), herbal medicine and nutritional supplements. These factors underpin any treatment plan.

Naturopathic care is a little different to visiting the GP. We will spend time to really get to know you and understand the root cause of your health issues in detail. This is so we can not just resolve symptoms but address the underlying cause as well as manage long term health risks.

in home mobile Consultations
Initial Consultation (2 hours split over 2 sessions)

Our first consultation is all about getting to know you, your current health concerns, background and medical history. This information then forms the basis for your personalised treatment plan, which is presented back and discussed with you.

Repeat Consultation (30-45 minutes)

Over subsequent appointments we will work through your treatment plan, making changes as necessary. During this consultation any testing that has been completed will also be reviewed.

Cancellation Policy

Whole Vitality has a strict cancellation policy. We value our practitioners' and patients' time, and so require 24 hours notice of any changes to your appointment. Cancelling or forgetting an appointment within 24 hours will incur a charge.

Online Courses

Not quite ready to jump into a full consultation? That's OK, we get it. If you just need some ideas on how to be the best you, how to better cope with changes like preparing for a baby, being pregnant, just having a baby then check out the Whole Vitality courses on Teachable.

These courses are designed to give you some quick insights into how to tweak your diet and lifestyle, and what herbal and nutrient support you need to be mindful of, at different stages of life.

Head to Teachable to see what's available.

Post-Natal Doula Services

postnatal doula

The period following the birth of a new baby is a time of adjustment for everyone in that family. For the new mother, taking time to look after herself becomes difficult, especially if she has little to no support network (village) around her. This self care is critical, as the new responsibilities can easily overwhelm the most resilient of people.

The aim of this care package is to provide time and support for the new mother, enabling her a chance to look after herself, so she in turn can look after her newborn baby.

The First 30 days - Post-Natal Care Pack

A great gift for someone you love or yourself, the pack includes:

• 1 x initial (75min) naturopathic appointment to establish current parenting and health priorities, and previous health history. This appointment facilitates the personalised approach through information gathering to then formulate a plan for the first 30 days of support and nourishment.

• 4 x follow up appointments (60min) to offer personalised support to the new mum. This might include naturopathic support, making a cup of tea and holding baby so mum can drink it hot, healthy & energising snack ideas, belly binding, setting up your own village and more. These appointments are tailored to the new mum’s needs and are ideally structured as weekly appointments.

• Personalised 2 week meal plan#

Total cost : $800

This pack can be tailored to your needs, please contact us for more information.

#For best results from the personalised meal plan, a questionnaire about food preferences plus a 5-day diet diary detailing current meals and snacks may need to be completed.

Why Whole Vitality?

Why us

We believe that in identifying and understanding the whole you we provide the greatest chance of achieving our clients health goals. With a special interest in post-natal and general fatigue, stress, anxiety and other symptoms of modern day life, as well as fertility and pregnancy care, the team at Whole Vitality work with you to achieve optimal health and vitality.

We also recognise that new parents can often feel overwlemed with information and advice. That raising a family and learning to be a parent is difficult. We don't all have the advantage of a 'village' to support us and therefore having regular support to help can make all the difference. Having completed post-natal doula training with Newborn Mothers Collective, Whole Vitality are able to help fill this gap.


Alison brings a sharp intellect, a practical attitude and a caring manner to her practice. Her enthusiasm and passion for natural medicine is infectious and her commitment to her own health shines through

Jane (mother of 2)

I saw Alison with my daughter who had already visited a GP but her health wasn’t improving. After seeing Alison my daughters health improved dramatically within 48hrs. I was very impressed with Alison’s calm and confident approach towards our daughter. She made her feel comfortable & at ease quickly. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone seeking a naturopath.

Marylyn (mother of 2)