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What's a healthy poo?

Having young children in the nappies and toilet-training stage means I get to be “up close and personal” with poo on a regular basis. Too much information? Well, it’s a reality parents of young kids must face! It’s also a really important indicator...

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Heal your gut, heal your mind

In my work as a naturopath I see a lot of poor digestive (gut) function. For many people, bloating, flatulence, runny poo or perhaps constipation become the norm. These symptoms can leave you feeling sluggish and unwell. It can also express itself...

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Being mindful

Mindfulness is about being present or ‘in the moment’. Not looking at your phone, or wondering what’s happening later, but concentrating on the now. It is a skill that requires practice and can be incredibly beneficial for most people.

So what is...

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