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Insights into the world of natural medicine.

Healing through emotional release

Are underlying emotions stopping you from moving forward?

Sometimes a client just can't move forward. No matter what we try, we don't seem to make headway in relieving a particular symptom or underlying cause. It's super frustrating for the client...

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Saying YES to me

Are you saying Yes to everyone else but NO to yourself?

Being an amazing mum/parnter/colleague/whatever it is you do is often top most in our wishlist for ourselves and our family. We want to be the fun mum, the present partner, the go-to colleague...

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Time for a reset?

I don't know about you, but I have been feeling quite sluggish through 2022. It just seemed like a tough year, and my clients were feeling that as well. While the normal diet, lifestyle, supplement process was working well for most, it was starting...

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