About Us

We believe that through using evidence-based practices, we can provide a tailored plan together to help you achieve optimal vitality. We work in collaboration with other health care providers as appropriate to get the best for our clients.

Our Approach

In home mobile Consultations

At Whole Vitality, our personalised approach is inspired by the belief that all people – not least new mums – can access greater levels of energy, calm and happiness through finding natural and evidence-based treatments that work for them and their families.

Whether you are concerned about post-partum recovery, hormones, gut complaints such as constipation, reflux or bloating, stress, or post-natal depression and anxiety, we can help you build the foundations for long-term Whole Vitality. This may include:

  • lifestyle change and nutritional adjustments,
  • herbal medicines or dietary supplements,
  • referrals to our multidisciplinary network of in-home health professionals,
  • functional testing (diagnostic tests) where appropriate.
  • Convenient, step-by-step support

    From rigorous case-taking to strategic and tailored treatment plans, as well as follow-ups, we put your current health – and your future health goals – front and centre. We do all of this without you having to deal with the hassle of getting to appointments – handy for new mums or anyone suffering from gut issues such as stool urgency.

    Whole Vitality is about looking at the whole person to help them unlock the skip in their step again. As mothers, we know how much women need to tap into their stores of vitality to keep up with those little ones!

    Empowering you with practical and evidence-based solutions.

    We want to help you understand what a difference small changes can make so that we can really motivate you towards long-term recovery and treatment of the root causes of illness.

    Our method is to empower you to manage your own health with the best-available natural treatments and simple but powerful adjustments to diet and lifestyle. Whatever your life stage, and whatever your hopes and struggles, we want to work with you to make it a joyous, whole and vital journey.

    Alison Patchett portrait, mobile naturopath servicing Mount Waverley, Ashwood, Burwood and surrounding areas.


    Whole Vitality was established by Alison Patchett, a Mt Waverley-based degree qualified naturopath specialising in gut issues and maternal health. Her experience with persistent headaches that the GP couldn’t explain in her teens sparked an early interest in holistic health.

    After a career in IT, Alison’s enduring fascination with the impact of diet, lifestyle, and nutrient deficiencies on the body led her to complete a four-year Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree at the Southern School of Health Sciences. She immersed herself in study, achieving great results, while raising a family and working part-time.

    Alison continues to deepen her knowledge in her main focus areas; the gut-microbiome, hormones, stress and postnatal depression and anxiety.

    Qualifications and Memberships
    • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
    • Working with Children check
    • Full member of Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)
    • Current First Aid and CPR training
    Ongoing Education
    • Disordered Lipid Metabolism (2019)
    • Resolving Chronic Inflammation - Flicking the switch from disease to resolution (2019)
    • Maladies of Modernity - fatigue, stress and thyroid function (2019)
    • Restoring Harmony in Female Hormonal Conditions (2018)
    • Solving Allergy and Reactivity Seminar (2018)
    • Re.Med Graduate Intensive (2018)
    • Well Woman Symposium (2017)
    • Insights into Anxiety, Low Mood and Insomnia Seminar (2017)