Finding gratitude each day

Who is just waiting for this year to be over? We started the year with bushfires, then a global pandemic, and here in Melbourne we are currently at the end of week 6 of (at least) 8 weeks of significant lockdown. It's been 6 weeks of no childcare, school being online only, only leaving our property for 1 hour a day for exercise or medical treatment/groceries/work (and thats only if we work in one of a small handful of jobs where we are still allowed to attend in person). It's restrictive, uncomfortable, lonely…

My 2 year old and I have both celebrated our birthdays in isolation, as many others have. My husband and I are working from home and juggling caring for our children. And then last week I dislocated my knee! So it's been a big year so far. Full of anxiety, stress, disappointment.

But in all of this there are some shining lights. We have a closer relationship as a family - yes our kids miss their friends and educators but they are also really valuing the time we are spending with them. So many of my clients have coped really well with the support of the strategies we have put in place together.

I am grateful that technology is able to bring us closer to those we love but cannot visit. I am grateful that we have a lovely home with a big backyard full of swings, trampline and mud kitchen to help entertain and get us outside. I am grateful to have developed a supportive environment where as a family we can engage in activities like yoga and bike riding for exercise and fun. I am grateful to have a supportive childcare team who give our kids activities, challenges and zoom calls regularly to keep them engaged and connected with educators and friends.

It is these aspects of our day that I hold onto, that helps pass the time and keep our energy, spirits and motivation up. What are you grateful for?