My top 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different - I know mine were! Each pregnancy is a journey of its own, with different challenges, expectations and emotions. One thing that remains consistent is that we all want to have a healthy journey.

Here are my top 5 tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy…

alt text Use a good quality pregnancy multi

There is a huge range of multivitamins for pregnancy on the market, many of them with huge marketing budgets. This doesn’t make them the best. Your pregnant body will prioritise nutrients for the baby, which means getting the right balance (and enough) nutrients can be a challenge through diet alone.

Things I look for in recommending a multivitamin are what it contains. Firstly does it include all the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy pregnancy and potentially overcome (or at least reduce) some of the ‘side effects’ of pregnancy like bleeding gums, poor digestion, nausea etc. Also what excipients (ie, the incredients that hold the tablet all together) are there that might cause irritation - many cheaper supplements contain lower quality ingredients as well as additional fillers and binding agents that can counter the effect of taking it in the first place. These are often not included on the label and some digging needs to be done to find out what they really contain.

alt text Follow government dietary advice on what not to eat

That’s right, no more soft cheeses, avoid raw/cured meats, limit seafood and so on. This is all sound advice that’s important to follow. It can be disappointing to have to monitor consumption of our favourite foods but it’s about keeping you and your unborn baby safe. Keep this in mind and it will encourage you to stick to the guidelines. Take a look at this handy eating guide here It might be a good idea to print it out to keep as a reference guide.

alt text Keep up your veggie and water intake

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that this is something I bang on about a bit…. I always come back to it because it’s important! Maintaining good quality fibre intake from healthy fresh vegetables helps keep everything moving (especially important as your baby grows and puts pressure on other organs such as your digestive system). Water does the same. Drinking small cups of water regularly instead of guzzling large amounts (especially bad before bed!) will help prevent you from having to run to the loo too often as it will allow your body to absorb the water more effectively.

alt text Keep up with some exercise

You might need to slow down a bit but maintaining a regular exercise habit is key to preventing complications such as gestational diabetes and increased weight gain (which can lead to other pregnancy complications). It can also help make the birthing process easier. You may find yourself out of breath a little more than you did before you were pregnant. This is normal as your body is working hard to create a little human! If you feel you are too out of breath, back off from the exercise intensity and book an appointment with your health practitioner to check everything out.

alt text Rest (and digest!)

You might have been told ‘put your feet up, it’s the only chance you’ll get’. This is not just a cliché - it’s true! Making time to rest, put your feet up, relax and de-stress every day is important for body, mind and baby. Go to the movies, out for dinner, get plenty of early nights, or have a massage. Whatever you need to do to relax and find the space to unwind, do it regularly throughout your whole pregnancy. You are growing another human being, and you deserve the best of care!

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